Hello everyone!! I have been running a gaming website called Gaming Unleashed. It's a website where we feature reviews from us and users, latest news, previews, user blogs, and (In the process) a clan system.

As of right now, we have about 10 staff.

We are currently looking for:
- Writers (News And/Or Reviews)
- Editors (News And Reviews)
- Moderators (Website And Forums)
- We need people to add games to the site. (It's a simple form) But you would just be adding new and old games to the site.
- We need some help with advertising and affiliations, etc.

Writers will need to know proper grammer, spelling. (A sample of your writing is not required but it would be nice)

Editors will need to know proper grammer, spelling.

Moderators dont need much, just know what to do in situations.

For adding games to the site will just need to add games, and keep game info updated.

For advertising, you will just need to help get our name out there and encourage people to come visit the site and register.

Staff can communicate to each other in a Skype Chat or on the website.

Skype is required to attend staff meetings where we go over everything and suggest ideas. Skype will be the best way to keep in touch.

If you have any questions, or would love to help out, either reply to this thread, or contact Toby Sack (Xenos360) (EMAIL - admin@gaming-unleashed.com ) (SKYPE - xenos-360 )