[The World], An Iridium Based production.

Initially a 3D recreation project of the renown online game in the .hack//IMOQ game series, [The World] has become a separate, original project with a wide fan following and promise of substance for both fans of .hack// and interested outside gamers.

Alot of the game is already being handled, but I've been informed that a few things are in need of assistance with this project. Experienced volunteers are always welcome.

Game Music
Sound Effects
Remaking Textures*

* = being of most importance.

If you are interested at all in bringing any experienced assistance to the [The World] development team on these various needs and/or other skills you think would be beneficial to the progress of this game, please feel free to visit the forums and contact the Iridium Based team and they'll take it from there.

If you're interested, please message me and I'll give you more information as needed.

We look forward to hearing from you!

I am not, by any means, affiliated professionally with Iridium Based or their projects.

The staff here are a bit seasoned in what they're doing. We ask for serious, interested, skilled users who could help progress this project to the next level.