Ok, I'm looking for some help on creating this script that will allow people to add/comment the Artists and their Alias names.

Since I am new to PHP/mySQL, I gave up on the idea of making this script on my own, from the scratch, so I am looking for someone to either help me make this, or edit the existing scripts (most probably the script like openlinks or some links listing script) available on the net so they suit my needs.

Basically, what I am looking for is a modified links script that has the following features:

- ability to add new entries consisting of Artist name, an Alias (with details, for example, in case he produced some albums/tracks with some other artist under a certain Alias, then that other artist would be listed too, added to the database, and linked to the original artist, so if anyone tries to browse the database by Alias names, they would get both these artists listed under this specific Alias), Artist's website (if it exists, not required), and e-mail of the submitter (not required again).

- ability to edit entries, add categories (Artists), links (Aliases and web adresses) as an admin

- maybe an ability to have multiple admins?

- few more details which I will explain further to anyone who is interested in something like this.

Again, I have to state that the purpose of this script is not commercial at all, so I won't be able to pay you for your services, but anything you create will have your copyrights or whatever the info you want to include with the script, and will be offered as a free resource to visitors...

Please let me know if you are at least a little bit interested, or if you can refer me to a script that might match these requirements I've stated above.