Rrite now I own a game site, for new hot game called
Empire Earth


We need to come up with a better ladder system that isnt so hard to use. Also the ladder should be able to work for teams of

I can just about cover all of the material

The problem is most ladders use tables which becomes pretty ugly as the page extends across. Also most of the time you get BYES and then this means you get a group of players who just can fit into table brackets.

I am not sure what kinda reply i will get from this, or even sure anyone is interested in it.. But, you can contact me at admin@swf-empire.com

Would be able to set up ftp.subdomain.site.com
I know alot of php, but getting some of the codes to work for this new host is a pain.

I know how to update, delete, edit, insert multi tables..

blah blah, ,I guess i could sit here and write forever, so its pretty much up to the group of people who wish to help. I dont even want the credit, just a good working ladder system that wasy to use and for game players to understand.