Cooking, computers, and music have always been my passions. I'm already working on a pretty cool music app (via ) and have been tossing around in my head creating a google-like search engine specifically for recipes.

I'm looking to create a recipe specific search engine that will index and crawl the numerous cooking sites and return recipe results.

It will be built with perl, mod_perl, MySQL, HTML::Template, HTML::Parser, LWP::UserAgent, CGI::Application and DBIx::FullTextSearch as the framework. Data will be stored in MySQL, but pages will be served from a data warehouse I've developed, giving this site the potential to handle MASSIVE amounts of hits.

I plan on getting the search engine working first, and then turning it into a user customizable portal. I have experience using all the above modules, creating relevancy ranked searches, parsing HTML, and writing web bots.

I'm looking for:
- Developers who use the above modules and know mod_perl to do code reviews (won't pay, but will review your code, too!),
- Folks who really understand relevancy ranking to advise me on how to improve results
- Designers who know how to create compatible, attractive interfaces that are browser and platform independent (again, your chance for infamy, but not pay),
- Other folks who want to help as beta testers of the developing app.

I'm not looking for, nor will I entertain, suggestions that this be done in PHP. Nothing against PHP, I just don't think it's the best choice for my plans with this thing. When this goes live, I will get a dedicated server and run the whole thing in mod_perl, making PHP unnecessary.

There are no immediate plans to make money, but I see numerous opportunities for it, both in offering premium services and selling advertising. If it gets to the point where it makes money, I will generously take care of those who've helped significantly. (Specific terms will develop as they are needed, I suppose).

Thanks for your consideration!!