I need to have Sendmail installed on our dedicated server, a RedHat/Linux 6.2, but this would have to be a custom install, if it's all possible to do. We have Exim installed which I am told is a drop-in replacement for Sendmail. The problem is, it does not handle mass mailing properly, it times out, sends email hours later after it's sent or sends mal-formed mail headers. We have a Perl written mass mailer that sends out approximate 1-2000 emails twice a day for one of our accounts. This mass mailer works prefectly on other servers that use Sendmail, but Exim can not handle the load I assume. We have tried everything to try to improve the performance of both Exim and the mass mailer, but nothing seems to help!

Sendmail can normally handle this without any problems. I can not remove this Exim mail dameon, as it is integrated with all our account control panels, using "Cpanel". And if Sendmail is install in the default manner, it may conflict with Exim or break the control Cpanels.

If this something you maybe able to do, please contact me at
mickalo@bellsouth.net ASAP. Your time will be compenstated.

thank you,