I am looking for someone to help me add some things to my site which require PHP or Perl or something of the sort, All I know is HTML.
I basically run a gaming clan and would need/like:
Register/Join system that is moderator approved.
Ranking System.
Login System
Simple Forum (Very Simple) that uses Members Login names etc.
Availability for members to change there own info to an extent.

Obviously I am not planning paying that person much or at all. It probably isnt a difficult tasks, I have seen other scripts that seemed to be able to do stuff similar (Though wouldnt work with my site for various reasons) that were only about 10 - 12 pages total, much of which was my already built HTML Code.
If you are interested in helping out or have any ideas where I can find a code like this, or perhaps you just want to help a StarCraft/Future WarIII Gaming Community, please reply to this post or contact me at Bozpw@aol.com ((No No My primary ISP is not AOL..Grew out of that a while ago ))
The Site is: http://sl.bozpw.com/

Thank you,
Bozpw aka Blake.