We at Eonix Corporation are looking for new talents to our projects. Currently we are launching a game, Realm of Hepumia (http://www.hepumia.com) , to the market and developing a revolutionary FTP program. Also new projects are starting up.

HTML coders:

You have a good knowledge of basic HTML and can create web pages out of the content that we give you.

ASP coders:

You know ASP or preferrably ASP.NET. You will develop the functionality of our new website: Eonix - TNG

VS.NET/C++ dudes:

You're familiar with C# or C++ and know how to use Visual Studio. You will be working on FTP programs and in our new projects including games etc.

HR manager:

You're good with people and know how to interview people for various jobs. You will handle all employee applications, job interviews etc.

Administrative Assistant:

You will help the CEO John Brancela in his everyday work writing letters and handle other paperwork.

If you're interested in these jobs, please send us your resume to: jobs@eonix.ca (mention the job that you're appying for)

We hope to hear from you soon...

Mikko Tepponen
Chief Operations Officer
Eonix Corporation