I'm working on a gaming ladder for a game called Tribes. The site uses PHP and MySQL as the database backend. A friend of mine created all the graphics, and I've done about 1/3 - 1/2 of the code already. I've gotten to a point that I'm getting stuck.

If anyone would be interesting in helping out I would greatly appreciate it. I don't think this would really be that hard. If anyone is familiar with any other type of gaming ladder it is similar in design.

A member would register, and have the ability to join a 1 person ladder, or join a team which can be on a 2 person ladder or a team ladder. There are all sorts of little things about the challenging that have to be dealt with and I can go in to that in more detail if anyone is interested in helping.

If anyone is interested in helping me you can email me at chambrln@darklordsofhavoc.com I would appreciate it. If anyone wants to see the site as it is right now the links is here: