Spam annoys everyone, whether it's in your e-mail inbox or your postal inbox, and robots that crawl the web looking for addresses cause a lot of this annoyance. Intrigued as to how many of these robots exist, how they crawl pages, and how likely it is that publishes addresses will get spammed, I've written a very simple script that displays an e-mail address and a postal address with a random funny and famous name, so that if they recieve spam addressed to that name we'll know it was from the page.

The page also generates a log of probable robot visits, a random email address, and a link to itself with some random blurge in the query string in the hope of getting robots to go into a bit of a loop crawling the page. What I really need now is for people with web pages to link to this page, to try and get more traffic to the page from robots so we can have some fun watching them crawl the page. I'll publish any interesting results as they come on. The URL is

Oh and any suggestions for ways of improving/extending this mini project are welcome