I've started some time ago a project at sourceforge.
It's called CLCSWI and the website is
It's a crm open source software, like liveperson, humanclick, etc. but free.
The thing is:
I've made the TCP/IP server with Delphi but it's in a very early version, and wanna begin also with the client (web interface) but:
Dunno which stuff to use for making it.
I found some info about XML & actionscripting in flash, but i just know PHP, mysql & Delphi programming.

I know you guys know a lot, and maybe you wanna help & make a little effort so we can work in this project so any person can establish his free crm solution at his website.

PS: I always asume that my hosting provider doesn't allow me to put any server at his website.

PS1: If you know a good solution help me.

Sorry 4 crossposting !
Thanks a lot 4 your attention and hope your answers.