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    [MMO] Help Needed! Open Source Real Time Strategy - Cross Platform - Hiring

    Team name: N/A - Independent Developers

    Project name:
    Rise or Fall. Actual Game Engine name is to be determined.

    Brief description:
    An open source and open architecture massively multilayer real time strategy game and engine. Rise or Fall is playable through two methods: a cross-platform client application that you can download or compile - but also a cross-browser client application playable without any 3rd party plugin such as flash or java, thanks to some revolutionary Comet and Ajax.

    Target aim:

    Rise or Fall does not aim for commercial production, but in the future we may offer commercial support for our Engine, as well as in-game/website advertising. I wouldn't join for the money, but we could certainly share a percentage of the income - remember we're a non-profit project.

    Target Systems: Windows, Linux, and MacOS with Very Low System Requirements
    Any Operating System running a Major compatible browser:
    Safari 3, Firefox 2, Internet Explorer 6 or 7, Opera 9, Konqueror

    A couple different languages are being used:
    - Java for the Server
    - C++ for the Main Client
    - JavaScript for the Web Client

    Technologies Used:
    - OpenGL for the C++ Client
    - Socket Programming (Server and C++ Client)
    - Ajax and Comet (Web Client)
    - MySQL (Server uses to save data)

    Talent needed:
    C++ Developer:
    - Experience with OpenGL Rendering, Preferably with 2D Isometric Graphics

    Java Developer:
    - Experience with Object Oriented Programming as well as UDP Socket Programming
    - MySQL Experience preffered, as the server uses MySQL to save data.

    NetCode Engineer:
    - Experience with producing an effective communication protocol for client/server to communicate.

    JavaScript Developer:
    - Experience with Ajax and/or Comet

    XHTML/CSS Designer:
    - Advanced CSS Skills for Interface Design

    Web Manager:
    - Manage and Develop the Community website.
    - PHP Experience Necessary

    Graphic Artist(s):
    - Experience with ISOMetric Tiles and Units

    If you think you have anything to offer, however, please feel free to contact me.

    Team structure:
    Matan (Me) - Since we have a lack of developers, I'm currently working on a few projects at the same time, which is one of the reasons I'm on this board.

    Currently working on:
    - Web Client (By myself)
    - Server (By myself)
    - NetCode (By myself)

    Renato - OpenGL Rendering and C++ Programming

    Currently working on:
    - Main Client in C++
    - Rendering Engine

    Blade - C++ Programming and Project Planning

    Currently working on:
    - Project outline
    - Map Editor

    Shawn - Very Experienced OpenGL Rendering

    Currently working on:
    - Rendering Engine

    Kevin - Resource File Manager

    Currently working on:
    - Game Elements

    Casey - Graphical Artist

    Currently working on:
    - Tileset

    Google Code: http://code.google.com/p/riseorfall
    - The Development Blog, Forums, and Calendar are all links on that site.

    Development Forums: http://groups.google.com/group/riseorfalldev
    Personal Email: matan.lurey [at] G mail [dot] (com)

    Previous Work by Team:
    Available on request, including source code.

    Additional Info:
    Rise or Fall is supposed to be not only a fun, massively multi-player game, but a proof-of concept for multi-player gaming architectures. It will be the first real MMO RTS/Strategy, and the first browser based game to be entirely real-time.

    The base engine is being developed to allow developers to write their own games, and is open enough to allow almost any kind of game: from RTS to FPS.

    The demo game of the engine, which is called "Rise or Fall", is loosely based on games such as Civilization, Rome: Total War series, Caesar series, and board games such as Axis and Allies. It's a game full of land-hungry nations, ranging from Britannia's Kings to Japanese Samurai. It's an A-Historical game, with empires from numerous timezones such as Rome, Assyria, and More.

    The actual game is played on a real map of Europe, rendered into ISOMetric terrain, and instead of being a massive free-for-all, its carefully divided into allied factions, or nations - which in turn can ally with other nations to form massive empires.

    Not to be confused with a purely-war game, Rise or Fall will have realistic economic elements, such as trade, food, and taxes - as well as diplomatic relations with Human and AI units and npcs.

    Any Feedback allowed
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    This will do much better/belongs in the
    Help Wanted Section.
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