Hi there.

I'm project manager for the new Polygods GameDev Project at http://www.pggamedev.com/

This project is a brand new approach to independent games development.

We're looking for everything from concept designers to coders and texture artists to join a 50-person games development team working on a game for the PC.

This isn't just any old project. We intend to make a game from scratch, pooling a talented team of individuals who are trying to enter the industry.

It's hard to be picked up by a major games development house--they request that you have at least a title under your belt, and preferrably several years' experience as well.

We will not be requesting this of you. All we request is that you dedicate knowledge from your area of experience.

During the course of the development, you will gain the experience you need to get a job in the industry--or if this is sucessful, you will have a choice to continue working with us.

Drop by the website, read it over, and sign up if you want a chance to get on board.

Feel free to mail me with any questions.

We are also going to be in need of beta testers, as we need to know how the engine works with various systems. These people will get an exclusive look at the inside of the game and the engine, and get a proper hand in on how it is made and looks. Participation is limited so act quick, first come first served.

Please spread this info about to your peers as it would be greatly appreciated.


Ross "Fanboy" Dutton-
Project Lead, Polygods GameDev


We also have an IRC channel which I will frequently be on.

Server: irc.gamesnet.net
Channel: #pggamedev

There is Java client access on PGGamedev.com, just click the Chat button on the main page.