I past the description I wrote to SourceForge below:

"The main goal of project DCunlimited is to deveop a complete set of software for use with the Direct Connect network.
Everything will be done in PHP, partly for the OS Indenpendency, but mostly because of the challenge.

The first goal is to develop a indenpendent class that handles the socket connections.
Another class will then be built, relying on the socket class, to implement the Direct Connect protocol.

These two classes will then be used to make a web-based DC-client, a console-based DC-server (hub),
and also to make a DC-bot.

The bot will not depend on any specific hub-software, it will be used as a seperate network-application and connect to a hub
just like a normal user. It will gather statistics and make them available on HTML-pages.
It will also have some administrative features, that can be controlled both from the hubusers and from a web-interface.

The idea of the client is to be a "adapter" between the DC-network and the web.
It will be divided into two parts, one of them running all the time. This part will act pretty much like a server,
having virtual users connected to a dozen of hubs, and will be like an search-engine..
The other part, that will be the web-interface, will recieve search-requests from a HTML-form
and connect to the search-engine, who will have it's virtual users search the hubs for the file.
If it's found, the search-engine will download the file to a temporary location,
and the web-interface will then let the user download it from there.

The communication between the web-interface and the search-engine will be made over TCP port 112,
using a simple protocol of just a few commands.

Then there is the hub-software. It will work just like the rest of them, but for the language of course.
It will be run in console-mode, and all of the settings will be read from a config-file.
Eventually, a web-interface to configure it will also be built. "

As you understand, this is pretty much for one person (myself
So if you're intrested in making som nice software in PHP, please contact me on orvar@itookmyprozac.com

As the project will be release under GPL, and I don't se any oppertunity to make money on this, I can't offer any payment. Maybe PayPal-donations.

/Kung den Knege