Heres what needs to be done... looking for someone to do it or help me do it.

im tring to make a calculator form estimator in PHP where user inputs values and and then it finds a number on the sheet for price and multiplies it times its weight..

i have 8 mysql mysql each one has 3 rows and an auto id Price, Quality, Cut the form has... 3 drop downs, and an insert weight (where they type it in) it finds the number from the chart and multiplies it times the weight

here is a sample what we would be aiming for

that link i gave u is what im aiming at except i dont need Certification, or Proportions to fill out

i got 8 tables so far okay... for sizes 2-3 3-4 4-5 5-6 thats 4 tables... for the ROUND shape, for anything else it goes to these other 4 tables again with 2-3 3-4 4-5 5-6 i got a table for ROUND , and a table for OTHERS cause the other shapes are based on the same prices even though people may think they are different.....

table name : roundtwo (for rounds 2-3 sizes) roundthree (for rounds 3-4 sizes) roundfour (for rounds 4-5) roundfive (for rounds 5-6)

field names are grade, clarity, price, and id (auto)

If you know how to do this and willing to do it or help me do it please let me know at my AIM is asedesigns my icq is 146524639 yahoo messenger is aselogos

Thanks -