I am currently attempting to deploy an online game based off the SCX engine. http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/scx/

I have the system up at www.elitesquadrons.net/universes/ but its not yet fully operational.

The script that powers its backend that updates all the empires is written in c++ and it needs to be congifured to run on my server. I need some help to either:

1 - configure the C++ backend to work on my server config (need to add paths to files I think)

2 - Code a new script in PERL or PHP that would do the same action.

The backend is called every 30 minutes to run via Crontab.

If you could spare some time to help, it would be great.

You can find me via the message boards @ elitesquadrons.net or AIM: kfickert.

Thank you,
Kirk Fickert