Hello everyone.

I'm Pablo Neirotti, developer of Buglets. People usually describe it as a Pokémon-like game, and it is quite the fastest way to describe it, so I'll stick to it for now.

The project is currently online (you can test it on a webkit-based browser at buglets.com.ar ). It's built using the latest on HTML and CSS. It's one of the few games on HTML 5 right now that go further than a simple mini-game.

I'm seeking for PHP and / or JS developers to help me and everyone in this small, growing community, to keep pushing the game forward.

Technically all kind of help and contributions are welcome - designers, game content makers, etc... - but my main concern right now is to provide the game these key features it's missing to become a fun, highly addictive game, playable on any mobile device or computer running Webkit - and eventually Gecko as well.

The next steps for the game will be:
  • Adding more attack moves (requires programming) as well as new Buglets (no programming for that).
  • Support for PvP mode (Player Vs Player)
  • Support for items

If you are interested in participating and write some history in online game making, please get in touch. Contact information can be found at the footer of the website: buglets.com.ar

Thanks for your time!

Pablo Neirotti