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    Investment Game - Green harvest, putting together a team

    Team name:
    GHGaming - open to negotiation

    Project name:
    Green Harvest - Original name, however domain name complications may require us to change the name.

    Brief description:
    Green Harvest will allow users to invest through a gaming platform. Real money is not a necessity, and people can invest 'play' money if they like. This will give them the ability to learn the system of investing, track the progress of their portfolio, and then once they achieve a measure of comfort, invest real money.

    Target aim:
    Freeware Web/Mobile/Facebook Application. Browser based.

    Before we address compensation, we have to find out what this game could be worth through market testing. Upon release, we'll get our first idea of its potential income.
    Income for the game will come from the 1 percent off the top that we take of all earnings made by users - an industry standard. If we find that provides us with more than enough income, we may go down to .7 percent.

    I've heard good things about Python. But the language for this game has yet to be determined. I would certainly welcome any suggestions, as well as reasons to why you think your chosen language would do the job effectively.

    Talent needed:
    Motivation is key. I want people who really want to do something. This game could be really big if we come at it the right way, and I'm certain the ground-breaking nature of it would look good on any portfolio.
    I am looking for anyone who thinks they can contribute anything to this project, even in an advisory capacity.
    Specifically I'm looking for:

    Team Recruiter - seek out and bring in extra talent. We're taking all we can get as far as brilliant minds, even if its only in a hobbyist/advisory capacity. If we find someone who wants to help, we'll find some way to make them useful.

    IT Director - Someone who knows what this project will require in a technical sense. This person will coordinate with our team recruiter to bring in the talent necessary for the completion of all technical aspects of this project. This is a management position that will require a wide range of knowledge including computer networking, programming, and web design.

    Programmers - does the coding of our website, can fulfill other game functions like real-time tracking, as well as a bidding system, and automatic portfolio updates.

    2d Artists - creates buttons, logos, avatar customizations, and generally all the graphics to be used on the website.

    Network Coordinator - can bring all the elements together. This game will interface with Facebook, with mobile products, and possibly with stock market monitoring systems. We're seeking the knowledge of how to sync these aspects into a functioning whole.

    Webmaster - site monitoring, ensuring it runs properly, bringing up site issues - complaints and suggestions, so they can be addressed and the site can be improved upon.*

    Team structure:
    I'm the Web designer/Creative lead, and I have some background in finance.

    Feel free to message me on skype or send me an email.
    Skype: murkevar

    Previous Work by Team:

    Our most immediate goal is to launch a prototype with only very basic functions
    - dividing up an invested amount through different investment classes
    - allowing the investment in index funds (may be simpler)
    Right away these minimal types of investment will keep gameplay simple, and uncomplicated. After the initial release, we can test public reaction, take suggestions, and move on from there.
    Customer development model.

    Additional Info:
    A big challenge with this project will be getting the licenses required for trading stocks on the market. We may end up partnering with an online broker (perhaps Lightspeed) in order to more easily facilitate that. If anyone knows anything about securities trading, and what direction we could go to make that a possibility, I'd be eager to hear any input you might have.

    Feedback: Any would be awesome.
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    Yee haw!

    I would like to thank everyone for their responses! We've made contacts with some good people, but we're still hurting in the Web Design department. If you have any experience with Web Design, contact me through skype - murkevar. We look forward to working with you!

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