Hi, I'm a big fan of this multiplayer real time strategy flash game called colony. http://armorgames.com/play/4264/colony
And I would like to make a 'second release' with the same generic gameplay, but new units/graphics/everything else. Mabe we can get in touch with the original coder and see if we can get permission to mod the existing game for new units,graphics-he seems to have dropped off the map though.
There are 7 mil plays of the existing version of colony-so theres a fanbase and perhaps money to be made by turning a game of this kind into an app. My limited coding skills don't include flash or whatever a game like this is developed in.
We will need numerous creative and coding inputs.
I and a couple other individuals will focus on non coding tasks such as determining behavior of units, damage, range, graphics, music, and generally pulling the whole game together.
Theres already quite a fanbase for colony and we would love a similar game with more units and features.
Pm me or leave details in a post if interested.
A good coder with experience making this type of game is key to the projects success.