Hi there!

I am looking for partnership with Sr.Developers/Architects

Here is how it works:

1) You recommend our services to the company are working for
2) If we get a project through your recommendation - you will be paid GENEROUS commissions and your role will be to oversee activities on this project

I represent a software development and outsourcing service provider (150 developers) located in Russia/Belorussia

*Rates $18-$30 per hour, depending on a project
*Proven record of successful projects in various industries with Fortune 500 companies
*Fluent spoken English, European style of doing business and local representatives in the US/Canada/Europe
*Services: Development for Linux/Unix, Wireless/Mobile Development, Science Intensive Development, Financial Software Development, Healthcare and Life Sciences;Development for Windows;SharePoint Development, Database Development and Consulting, Software Testing;Project Recovery
*Industries: E-commerce, Healthcare, Telecommunication, Engineering, Retail, Security, Construction, Transportation
*Technologies:Java, C++, C/C++, C#, VB.NET, PHP, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, T-SQL, DB2, Ruby/RAILS, etc

We can do a pilot project for free.

Send me a PM and I will provide you more details including our portfolio.

Thank you