My group is going through an overhaul at the moment, so we need a second Python programmer who really knows his way around Python to help us complete a commercial game on time.

We are using an existing engine for the game, one basically made for the type of game we're doing, which is a visual novel/RPG/point and click type of game with puzzles and the like. If you like simple 2-D games with lots of puzzle elements, you'll like this.

You can see our work on ougaming at deviant art.

As you can see, you're working with a team that loves quality! We're very into visual effects, so we are looking for a programmer who knows his way around front-end stuff; basically, making things look PRETTY and flow smoothly.

We have a music guy, script writers, a programmer and an art team.

If you know your way around HTML and can run websites as well/take a bit of a management role, we'd love to have you on the team!

Please be 21+. Thanks! You can contact us at kinougames at gmail dot com!