Ok, I am going to try this one final time as I have looked everywhere for people to get on board and I have found 0 people so far, so it is kind of discouraging.

I have a vision of starting a nonprofit website/charity that raises funds to help people who cannot afford a medication refill. This is specifically targeted at people with mental health issues, because running out of medication can put them in the hospital or in some cases kill them if they go off cold turkey.

So, I need help designing and customizing the site. It is a word press blog, and I have also put up a forum where developers and designers can talk.

What do I need?

Word Press developer, does not need to be in depth, but someone who understands wordpress and can customize it.

Word Press template modifier. I have a design I want to use, I just need help modifying it.

Graphic Designer, I have an idea drawn up for a logo, but I am open to someone who can do better.

I appreciate your time. I cannot do this alone or I would. The reason being, I am on these meds for an illness and it has caused memory and concentration issues, so I really need people who can commit to some time to make this happen. As a bonus, you will recieve credit on this site in a prominent place for your work.

One final note, I need content contributors and bloggers.

Thank you,


Please contact me here through PM or on this post, I would really love to have you contribute to the success of soul meds.