I am starting a hobby project to create a news/topic aggregator site such as alltop.com
I need some advice and tips from you guys…basically what i want is:

• News/topic aggregator site from a variety of RSS feeds that is upscalable from 100 users initially to maybe 10 000 users.

• Ability for users to create a account and create their own dashboards with topics they like.

• Mobile friendly site is on the wish list too

I kind of narrowed it down to these three alternatives:

1. OneNewspremium (Wordpress template)
Pros: good for beginners, easy to create a site fast, SimplePie engine
Cons: tweaking the site is difficult, not so fast as other alternatives, not mobile friendly

2. Script-Tutorials RSS reader (Javascript, HTML and CSS, Google Feed API)
Pros: fastest of all alternatives, easy to tweak, feel safe for future development since it uses Googles Feed API
Cons:I have no knowledge of javascript, not search engine friendly

3. SimplePie(php and mysql)
Pros: great community and support, upscalable
Cons: requires at least medium knowledge of php and mysql(I am a beginner though fast learner), future development?

Which of these three alternatives would you choose?