My name is Karl and I am a member of a project called MechCommander Omnitech (give us a google if you want to see out ModDB or Game forum @ Hard Light Productions)
The game is based upon the mechcommander 2 source code that Microsoft released in 2006.

We are looking for coders who are interested in helping us out with either or both of these task:

1. Re-writing the ingame video support code of MCO to utilize directshow (microsoft removed the video code from the source code as they used bink)

2. Re-writing directx rendering functions to enable support for bump mapping and other directx9+ features

The group believe that these task are self contained and just need someone who knows what they are doing.

We have recently had a group of very talented 3d artists join the team and improving the game engine to bring the best out of their hard work is a major goal of ours.

This is a hobbyist project

Drop me a PM or post if you are interested.