My name is James and I am from the UK. I am starting out on a venture and I need a coder to complete some python scripts for me. The hours are extremely flexible and will be paid via paypal on an hourly rate.

These are the kind of tasks I am looking at:

1. Login / Registration System linked with MYSQLdb
2. Simple Search and paginated results page from MYSQLdb
3. Profile page
4. Contact Page
5. Support Tickets

This is the kicker. I dont want just anyone to do this work. I am a believe in beautiful code and I want to pay someone who is pashionate and enthusiastic. If you fit the bill, I can throw as much or as little work at you as you want to take on in your spare time.

Get in touch if this sounds interesting.


P.s I am most likely going to use Flask as a microframework for this project