Good day. My name is Patrick, and I just moved to Arkansas. Currently, I'm involved in two Indie projects; I've worked for Electronic Arts' QA center in the past as well.

To get to the point, I'm finishing up a Game Design Document on a Business Sim about the Game Industry - yes, like Game Dev Story and Gamebiz. I feel that both games are on the far ends of the aisle: Game Dev Story sacrifices realism and depth for simplicity and fun, with Gamebiz doing the adverse. I believe I have conceived a unique game that balances realism and fun, and I find now to be as good a time as any to try to lift the project off the ground. However, the actual execution of the game is completely up in the air other than wanting it on the PC.

I'm looking for - you guessed it - programmers, the more experience the better. Experienced Designers are also welcome, and other positions will be sought when the foundation is laid. With some other business sims out there in mind, I don't imagine the game taking longer than 4, 5 months to do with a dedicated team. Looking at the success of Game Dev Story and people's clamor for something similar, I see this as a real chance to capitalize on a little buzz while producing something totally unique - maybe even to give Kairosoft a little competition. Compensation will be Royalty shares, with each to be negotiated on an individual basis. Further, as I start acquiring substantial income this summer, I have no problem with handing out bonuses for the effort. If the game is successful enough, I will certainly pursue opening a proper Indie Studio and placing developers on salary.

I can be contacted through here. Thank you.