Objective: I'm looking for valuable experience with application programming (Games or Simulators). Paid internships are always better than unpaid, but I'm willing to accept an unpaid internship if the quality of experience justifies the fact that it is unpaid.

I'm currently majoring in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Professional Aeronautics. I have about 4 years of experience as a professional pilot flying commercially and about 5 years of experience as a freelance web developer (LAMP stack). At this point I want to move away from web development as my primary focus and start breaking into simulation programming (games will do for now as well).

Ideally I'd like to join a company or indie team that is working on anything flight simulator related. Anything from a standalone simulator to something like Battlefield that has "flight components". Again, I am open to just about anything but will give preference to flight and scientific applications.

Skill Summary:
Proficient In: XHTML/HTML5, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, C#

Familiar With: AJAX, C++, Design Theory, DOS Command Line, Information Architecture, Java, Mercurial, OOD/OOP, Python, TCP/IP, Web Services & XML

Database: MySQL

Platforms: Linux, MAC OSX & Microsoft Windows

Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Eclipse, Microsoft Expression Studio & Microsoft Visual Studio

I'm located near Chicago, IL and I am willing to travel on-site if the quality of experience justifies the travel expenses. I am also willing to work in a virtual environment for companies and teams based outside of the Chicago area.

Please reply via private message and include the following:

1) Brief description of the opportunity.

2) Your contact information.

3) Any questions you have for me.