I'm kharnov, the public relations lead for the Unvanquished project. We're involved in the highly active production of a futuristic FPS with RTS elements, pitting technologically advanced humans against hordes of highly adaptable aliens. The player can choose from either team, providing a fresh gameplay experience on both sides of the conflict.

Development has been going strong for over half a year now, with a string of alpha releases being made at the beginning of each month, building upon our goal of producing a free game that is both highly polished and provides an excellent gaming experience. Community involvement is a strong point of our project, with a free exchange of ideas and concerns between the development team and the playerbase. Our developers are highly diverse, ranging from hobbyists to employed professionals, coders to skilled artists.

If you're skilled at C/C++, or even in another programming language, there are many roles for you to fill, from engine development to coding new features for the game. When applying for this position, please indicate what you're specialized in most. Our codebase can be found on GitHub.

To apply for a position on our development team, please contact me with a description of what you're skilled at, and some examples of your previous work, if possible.