I know there are a billion different forum scripts out there, so why is it worth your time working on this one?
Well jQuorum is a bit different... no seriously.

The goal of the project is to produce a secure, fast, pluginable, customisable forum which is "for dummies" out of the box. Being AJAX powered, the forum is super fast, navigating boards and posts is almost instantaneous.

jQuorum is a jquery and jqueryui (eventually jquery-mobile) powered forum where most of the leg work is done on the client side leaving the server to deliver a higher quality service to it's community, especially the larger ones.

Customising the forum is a snap, if you can use the jqueryui themeroller tool, you're already doing it.

I think it's gotten big enough to start looking for better PHP coders then myself. I am looking mainly for PHP developers to help secure and organise the server code I have there.

There is also a website I am in the middle of setting up, it will contain more information about the project and it's goals. jquorum.com

If you'd like to work closer with me (the team), please add me on skype: jakecattrall

I would post a url to the github project but due to a rule here, I can't. Just google jquorum and it will be on the first page.

Thanks for your time.