I'm looking for a partner to assist me with a digital signage project that I have envisioned for sometime. Basically, in a few engagements I have worked there has been a need to manage multiple display from a digital signage perspective. (ie. non-interactive displays of information, schedules, weather, etc...) While there are dozen of both commercial and open source solutions...all of them rely on the capabilities of the endpoint to render and display content.

I'm looking at a solution that will use a remote framebuffer (RFB/VNC) type approach or a hybrid streaming/RFB approach. This should significantly drop the client requirements down to something extremely manageable and portable and even potentially allow this solution to be delivered "in the cloud". (OK, I hate that too... it's SaaS)

I have fleshed out 3 major portions of the project, and looked at some Python modules that would seem to help bring the project along including twisted, pygame, and/or pyglet. However, I'm afraid my best coding days are passed.

What I can offer is conceptual to mid-level design, strategic direction, business model, and stake in whatever happens...

I've opened a SF.net project to manage the development effort and provide more information. If interested...contact me for additional information and details on the SF.net project.