Let me introduce myself, Iím LoÔc ę Neoskai Ľ Potages, CEO of a project of affiliate, bounds to the
video games and e-sports, named Gamer-Area.

About 6 months ago, I started working on this project, establishing the priorities and thinking about
the ways to make it a success.

Hereís a little resume of my previous experiences :

-Director : Advanced Gaming (Multigaming)
-Responsible marketing : Pro-Serv (GSP)
-Support EVG-Serv (GSP)
-Manager / Leader of the SC2 section : Reality / Sodalis / Event 2 Give (Team who have integrated a
-Co-Director : Burning (Multigaming)
-Direction member : Esport-Arena (online and offline events organization, affiliate of Lanex) :: Still
in progress.

Gamer-Area, what is it?

Gamer-Area is a project of affiliate bounds to the video games and e-sports. Through it, we wish to
highlight every side of the video games, which are:

-The Community: by the means of a news site.
-The Broadcast: by the means of an active Web-TV.
-The Events: by creating online and offline events.
-The Game: by following and supporting the gamers in their e-sports careers.

The project will stand on the French and international stage.
Our site will be available in English and French.

Our goals:

Our groupís main goal is to become a reference in the gaming world on the French stage as well as
on the international one.
Other projects will be develop in the long run, but weíll first focus on the four described above.

Why the International? Why the France?

The fact is that the French market of the community and the broadcast is blocked.
Indeed, French players usually have their habits to get their news, either on electronic scene with
Millenium, aAa and esports France or on the gaming in general with various site dedicated to that
subject (the reference being jeuxvideo.com).
Same thing for the broadcast, the players are used to follow either the international programs or the
Millinium shows, which got the monopoly.

The international scene is more open, even if we find some reference (like Teamliquid for the
Starcraft 2 players) and the only site overtopping the others is Cadred but it only focus on the esport
side and on the blockbusters leaving little room for the new games to emerge.

Why the France if the market is blocked?
Simply because Iím French and I know the French community is extending and the French esport is
improving. I, therefore, canít neglect that market which can leave room for a project like ours.
Moreover, few projects gather every functionality the players are looking for, which will be an asset
for us.

Why should you join us?

Joining such project lead by experimented people allows you to have a first and rewarding
experiment in a well-managed team, all this in a field you like and where there arenít many places
You must know that our team is composed by volunteers, even if in the long run, the aim is to pay
the more people possible.
By joining this project, youíre engaging yourself in a long run project, with all the assets and
disadvantages that come with it, be aware of that.

However, you wonít be on your own! Indeed, a project like this is pushed forward by sponsors:
companies investing either money or equipment in a project or product in exchange of publicity.
These sponsors are omnipresent in the gaming world and bring various assets to some teams, mainly
equipment (E.g.: headset, mouse, high quality microphone, discount on computers, Ö).

Our directions, by its experiment, have connection with various companies, who will support us if the
project is going strong.

What kind of person are we waiting for?

Hereís a resume of what weíre expecting of a person wishing to join us:

-Motivation: Everything doesnít fall from the sky by miracle, weíre looking for people ready to invest
themselves and arenít afraid of the troubles that can come in the way.

-Patience: No need to rush things. Too many project falls apart because of people wanting to go
faster than possible.

-Communication: A good mood goes through a good communication! You need help for one of your
task? Donít hesitate to ask other people!

-Initiate: Youíve finished your task? Donít rest at doing nothing, ask your co-worker if they need help
or your superior if they have work for you. You donít work for the others: you work for a group and

-Language proficiency (English or French): Writing in correct English and with the fewer mistakes
possible is important to show the serious of the project.

What posts are available?

-Communication : 1 spot Communication with the press / Communication with the players
(Easy with written and oral language / Perfect command of English or French / Open mind / Sociable)

-Community Sector : Writing news on one of the three theme : Hardware / Video-games / E-Sport /
French-English translator.
(Good command of French or English /Passion for one of the three themes and follow the actuality
of it)

-Event Sector : Organization of tournament
(Good command of French or English / Stay at players disposal while a tournament / Sociable)

-Broadcast Sector: Presentation and test of game / Comment of tournament / Moviemaking (Videos
of frags / Videos of game actionsÖ)
(Easy at oral / Sociable / Good communication and knowing how to be a little show men / Having a
configuration capable of a good quality of images and sound)

-Technical Sector: 1 Designer / 2 Programmers
(Programmer : Good command of the poo php and if possible, symfony / Good command of their
field / Imaginative)

Weíre also looking for a Korean/English/French translator to follow us during the development to
easy the contact with the Korean teams and players.

How to contact us:

I leave some ways to directly contact me, if you have some question or are interested:

Skype: neoskai
Steam: neoskai
Mail: neoskai(at)my-burning.fr
IRC: #gamer-area@quakenet.org

Thank you for your reading and I hope some of you will be interested to take part in the project.

PS: The Webdesign of the Mainsite is almost finish and a videomaker is currently working on a video introducing our project.