I'm looking for a pro to help develop a Wordpress project. Specifically I need an expert in php & mySql, and the occasional jQuery/javascript.

I'm a UI designer with 18 years experience. The project is a 508 compliant, handicapped accessible, mobile responsive set of Wordpress themes.

The current pieces which are too difficult for me are:

- A rewrite of Theme My Login to work in a theme, instead of as a plugin, and in such a way that it is accessible. This piece might require knowledge of security issues to prevent sql injection attacks.

- A new Wordpress search plugin based on Lucene. It seems wpSearch is no longer maintained, Relevanssi only supports low volume, and all the search plugins are lacking features that can easily be used by designers.

Both of these are projects that can add to a portfolio, and I am willing to provide detailed feedback on UI requirements. I can also provide logos and design work for these projects or others you may need.

Eventually I will also be looking for a developer to assist on a project similar to:
That will be after I finish with the two issues above, which are delaying my progress.

If anyone would like to try establishing a working relationship by bartering on either of the projects above, please drop me a private message and I will send my resume and references.

Thanks so much.
- Lore