Hello everybody ,

I'm currently working on a browsergame in my free time. Since I dont have that much free time, and the project is quite extensive, I am looking for more programmers/designers.

I have made my own light-weight framework in php, which is very easy to use. It works with the mvc-model and it includes some basic form of template engine. I've also made a decent start on the basic game mechanics ( resource updating / queueing ) and the database model.

I'm looking for programmers aswell as webdesigners (I'm a tech guy and terrible in webdesign), and also some image design!

About the project:
Its going to be a mostly textbased game, with images ofcourse. But might be looking to create a flash front-end in the future. The game will be space themed.

Ask me for more information or anything els, and I'll try to reply as soon as possible!