Below is a short overview of what im trying to achieve:

Basically what im trying to do is pull data from a FileMaker database and display it on a custom iPhone App through scanning a unique ID number (e.g. BH457182, two letters and six numbers) from the iPhone camera. Which then finds the specific ID on the database and pulls that specific data back to display on the iPhone.

Random Number Generator: A more in depth description of the Random number generator that will be created on FileMaker, Below is a list of what i am looking to achieve:

1: Have an initial field on FileMaker where the user types in there initials.
2: Have a button named "generate" which the user presses too combine the initials box data (e.g BH) with the random numbers box data (e.g. 457182) to create the unique ID number (e.g. BH457182).
3: Once the user has pressed the Generate button the initials and random number are combined into the unique ID which is shown in a table named "uid". Once a unique ID is in this table it cannot be generated again to avoid duplication.

iPhone App: A more in depth description of the iPhone App that will be created using objective C, Below is a list of what i am looking to achieve:

1: Have the iPhone camera able to scan the Unique ID number (e.g. BH457182).
2: When the iPhone recognises the unique ID that has been scanned it goes and finds the unique ID Number in the in the FileMaker database and brings the data related to that unique id number and displays it on the iPhone.

Microchip: A more in depth description of the Microchip that will store the unique ID, Below is a list of what i am looking to achieve:

1: The Microchip needs to be capable of holding the unique ID which the iPhone can scan or recieve the unique ID number from.

Features which i am also considering are WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth and Infrared, also on board memory and a USB connection.

**Can anybody suggest where to purchase a microchip with some of or all of these features included**

Engraving: The iPhone needs to scan an engraving which will have the Unique ID Number on it (e.g. bracelet or dog tag).

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