ProjXverse is a projects platform. Not just any kind of platform, this is a platform that will provide people with tools to give any kind of project the accelerated pace of progress that open source has been providing to software.
This platform goes further then just tools, the environment will be engineered to increase the ease of communication across multiple forms of interaction and it will be engineered to make it easy to document, track and manage projects.
The importance of open source and the emergence of open hardware shows the need for such a platform, that may, if successful, bring these concept and new ones to new frontiers.
Open, collaborative, crowdsourced, version controlled, community integrated, project development will have a major impact on the future of society.
Please help make this web application a reality.

If you cannot donate please at-least share this link among your peers in all your networks.
The contributions to this campaign will be used to acquire high bandwidth services, server collocation and servers.

Thank You