Hello, my name is Jason Jones, a musical composer for games. My portfolio is at the bottom. I've been writing and recording for 13 years, and I'll share a little of what makes up my intentions and drive for music.

I'm a very inspired and creative person, with a major driving force in bringing melody back to music. A place where songs can be reminders of the things and places you have been in a video game. Songs should stand out on there own. When listening, it should remind you emotionally when you played that video game at that point in time.

Most music in current video games lack memorable melodies, thinking that just because something is BIGGER sounding, it will work. Subtle or Large sounds can and should still contain the same elements that made music in games back in the 80's, and 90's so popular. That is my aim and my inspiration for what I do.

Please listen to my music below, Thank you!