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    C# RPG with a detailed/rich world

    Hi, I'm starting a project and I could use a little help. Not much help, and not straight away. Open to all ideas.
    Open to anyone who can talk good English i.e. technical computing terms.
    Looking for people that know their technical stuff who will be able to offer ideas or a little coding help here and there.
    Communication: probably forum / google docs / email.

    Development / product

    The plan is to eventually create a game that is fully opened up to modding and extension, by its design, but is also a standalone RPG with well developed lore, a simulated world economy, and modern graphics. A game to be sold to the player but quickly (~6 months after release) opened up with its source code. Possibly as a surprise to make sure people actually buy it!

    At the moment I'm going VERY slow so there's no rush. I don't have any hopes/needs on the game actually selling. I'm creating a game I really want to play

    I'm working from scratch so at the moment it's a small testing framework in C#/XNA 4.0, I have a good camera class, an entity class which is extendable at runtime, a serialization system.. basic features I know. But it's always better to have control. Skyrim is forever haunted by how its engine's entity ID system messes up mods, just look at the open cities mod. It's incompatible with mods that change geometry, pretty much generally, all because of a certain simple engine limitation. That won't get fixed, ever, because of proprietarism / big companies saving face. And basically I'm frustrated with all modern games because they're difficult for all the wrong reasons.

    I want to build a great game, which in reality means focusing on removing the barriers for others so they can create something. This generally will mean developing tools for others (eventually, gamers) to use.

    As I said dev is slow and basic for now. I'm not a great programmer but I know what I need to know; fundamentals of computing and the like. I know psychology and I've heard game design is all psychology. I've programmed web dev professionally a little in 2007 and explored C++ and C#. I know how everything gets tied together; I can envision how I need to develop tools for crafting game worlds.

    I will start by fleshing out some NPC behaviours within a world economy; add economically-influenced concepts of value of items; resource availability; rivers; animals; soil quality..

    Then, next comes developing anything more than Minecraft blocks for people.

    I want to work on manual memory management in C# and some other cool stuff. Eventually it will be very powerful. C# is fastest to develop things in, for example I can add a game component like:

    public class WorldCellLoader : GameComponentO<WorldCellLoader>
            public override void Initialize()

    ..the internals are cleared up by the template. I just change it to GameComponentF<T> to turn it off. I also basically added a language feature to C# which lets me use generic properties. Helps a great deal.

    I expect this project to take 3-4 years. Casual dev speed.


    Code: GPL license until after release, when it will be zlib/BSD

    All code contributors sign something at the top of every source file a la "I hereby release my contributions under the GPL license."

    I think that will work. Please correct me if I'm wrong


    I want to create a game with well developed AI wherein the characters are actually responsive and HUMAN. i.e. building on this :

    -> driven to keep the peace / resolve social issues
    -> have allegiance w/faction and an identity and function within the world economy
    -> have moral systems; process seen events
    -> have a sense of fear; ability to sense it
    (all modelled using a very complex system that builds genuine intelligence from scratch. This will take lots of dev time but results in something that can be 'baked down' for fast code execution, and it's also something meaningful to the player. 'Meaningful' is the key word.)

    kinda related- some ideas of mine on what games should be. http://tinyurl.com/am7jmcv

    I think this is a great game design idea, because I have unique design insights I will infuse into the game, e.g.

    the player comes to value food just like gold, because he associates the good of his NPC allies with a general wellness and chance to rest etc., even though the player character doesn't necessarily eat/use food items. The dependency of the player on maintaining "friendships" with NPCs to be able to travel around the large, unforgiving landscapes is what makes this work.

    Magic will have a functioning economic role to give it substance/justification. Haven't worked it out yet.

    Emphasis on "free roam" / "open world". For example in this game the player should be able to hire soldiers with gold and go rob villages, if that's what he wants. No moral judgement to be done by the game. But it's basically (eventually going to be) a huge game world with many emerging systems of power/influence that the player can be involved in.. e.g. learn to be a well paid assassin; or start an army; or be a mysterious traveler who's learned not to flash around his best gear.

    The idea of the game being just to survive (permadeath) while having fun / trying to achieve something within a single player game world that provides a lot of challenge just as in the real world / economy / social hierarchy.

    Emphasis on realism [https://twitter.com/ExpBelieve ] e.g. player can craft own weapons; add item pouches / decorate armor; buy off NPCs with gold; wear a disguise to avoid detection..

    (haven't really thought up much else.)

    When you contrast that to games like Assassin's Creed and Skyrim, see.. I've played these games and I'm really frustrated at the lack of care to detail.

    this mod runs very slowly in Skyrim (breaks it for slower PCs) because basically mod/script CPU time is minimal: the game can't even be improved by mods.

    These (modern games) don't make sense, and they are generally getting simpler and catering more to 5-year-olds than anything. Have a look at Skyward Sword and Super Mario Galaxy 2. But also L4D2 and practically any modern FPS or "QTE" games (God Of War) falls under this dumbing-down pattern in game design. I want a game that's difficult for the right reasons. I really want to do this. And that requires paying attention to psychology and other areas of game design and development.

    And so part of that is letting players contribute. Transcending traditional confines of game development practices. Because at the end of the day it just makes more sense to let players contribute.

    The idea of profound, scary and realistic games that move people. That's why I try to make games.

    just putting my ideas out there.


    any criticism / comments welcome.
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    Please. Check your PM. I am interested in cooperating with you.
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    i have 1 question.
    can you use models like: FBX, max, OBJ, and so on. If so
    i can make you low-poly models if needed... UV mapped ofc.

    I use 3ds max.

    please pm me with the reply.

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