We at loneguide studios are looking for dedicated programmers to take the pressure off the artists and designers on our team so that they can work more on the areas where their expertise lies. We are an indy studio in the prototyping stage of an mmorpg. The design process on this particular game (tentatively refered to as Project SBA) was started over a year ago. We now have a great crew of artists and level designers prototyping in engine and creating assets in hopes of having a demo playable and demonstratable as a prototype to seek crowdfunding by the end of july. This date has not been moved back from our initial projections and should be meetable without substantial delay if we can get a programmer on board to take over the scripting and coding from the members of the team who's attention is needed elsewhere. We are working within Heroengine at the moment, Heroscript being a fairly low learning curve script similar to other C++ derived scripts. XML is used for GUI programming.

Our game is designed to play highly on sandbox features of a player developed and driven world, while still allowing a progressive linear storyline seperated from the development of that world. Individual design features are as follows:

Game Features

-Cooperative or solo land ownership, development, and defense.
-Advanced character build system with thousands of unique class combos.
-Dynamic player alignment system.
-Modular 1-player story-lines, elaborating on main game world.
-Developable land for purchase anywhere in the game world.
-Team based PvP structured around dynamic player teams.
-Dynamic game world that changes and progresses based on player involvement and activity.
-Dynamic Storyline supporting in game story, enhanced by NPC actors.
-Vast game world landscape.
-External client to modify owned land, mail, chat etc on mobile devices easily.
-Tactical, skill based combat mechanics over button mashing.
-Item Mall based free to play, with emphasis on convenience and customization rather than pay to win.
-Both morphing tile based dungeons and traditional lay out dungeons for parties to delve into.
-Constantly Developing world based on player land ownership and purchase.
-Diverse non-combat encounters in addition to combat.
-Non-linear, player designed quest/job system.
-Diverse and extensive crafting system of building components, gear, tools and more.


-High fantasy juxtaposed vs technological development.
-Mythological archetypes as they relate to faith and action.
-Opposing religious views in a fantasy setting.
-Fantastical Terrain and monsters.
-High emphasis on exploration and travel.
-Humans and non-traditional fantasy races co-inhabiting the game world.
-Gradual development of game world as a frontier.
-Historical perspective through modular one player episodes.

Positions Already Filled

Multiple Level Designers/World Builders
Lead Designer
Project Manager
Concept Artist
3d Modeler/Animator
Sprite/GUI Illustrator

Positions Needed

Scripters/Programmers (HSL)
GUI Programmers (XML)

This project is currently a revenue sharing project. Each member of the team is being offered a percentage of the final profits of the game. Alternate stipends post-funding can be discussed, but we are currently not offering paid work until a prototype is completed. We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic, knowledgable, and willing to take this project through to completion and into full production and make a high quality final product.

If you would like more info, please, feel free to message me or post here how best to get a hold of you and I can show you what artists are working on lately, what environments look like, or we can discuss features and mechanics in greater detail. Thank you for your time in reading this ad, and we hope to hear from some enthusiastic developers soon!

Jordan Roberts
Project Manager/Co-Designer, Project SBA