Hey guys,

So i have a rather interesting project on the go and only one option is coming to my mind. Rather stupidly I told them I'd give them options before I knew what the project was in its entirety. Lesson learned.

I am by no means an expert - so bear with me. I am doing this still trying to build my resume & learn.

Long story short they are a non-profit service provider to the unemployed. They have many many different programs available to them but do not organize them or the criteria involved to qualify. The issue they are having is that there are 150~ dynamic programs throughout any given year and staying ontop of the information is next to impossible for each of their staff individually.

This is what they want me to do. Build something. That simplifies this loop.

This is where I feel I shot myself in the foot. I said Id give them options.

To me the best solution is a well maintained database of these programs. Some type of form gets filled out and the related programs get served up based on selected variables.

Does that makes the most sense from the proper way to build something like this? Am I giving you guys enough information?

Food for thought: Initially I was going to give these as the three options.

Pre-built App:
Hustream - guided video that allows selections. (URL is blocked - can google it if you wanna see it)
Build a directory type site with a form that pulls related programs from a database.
Build them an App:
Yes this is 100 miles outside my skillset, and im thinking its a bad option for them as the content updating/database stuff is going to need attention on a weekly basis.

Option 1 & 3 don't make sense to me anymore due to complexity of their request.

Is there something else out there app wise that could work for this? Or is the best and only option going to be a site?>

Sorry for the long post. Thanks for the help!