Looking for a talented php & mysql programmer, someone who can custom code anything, who can solve problems and work with a designer. If you love Linux, you know html & some css but much prefer working with javascript, phpcake, codeigniter, or custom code, I am looking for you.

I run a website that is very much like a mini gaiaonline.com, its a phpbb2 forum with lots and lots of custom modifications done to it. It's almost a custom forum, the website has a giant database, that absolutely had no optimization for the past 3 years. Collecting all sorts of information from our users. It would be good if you knew a lot about working and optimizing large mysql databases.

This is actually one of our problems, slowness issues due to high mysql loads, we have a powerful server, but we also have a lot of components to our site that make use of ajax & provide instant information for our users.

I'm not looking for an Indian programmer that does not care about sloppy code, which causes more problems and bloat. I would like to find someone who cares about good code practices.

I really wish that we could upgrade to a newer forum platform, but it is so heavily customized. And we do care not to have any down time at all, that I do not think it would be possible.

Right now we have a mid size project to test your skills, then we would love to continue using your services for other related projects. The current project that we have on the plate is a custom made marketplace, its already designed in html & css. I need you to make my design functional according to specifications, nothing radical.

If you are interested feel free to add me on skype: ashieken