Hey, looking for a programmer or few advanced in javascript and/or php to work with in developing an exchange site.

I'm looking to revolutionize some things, and create something awesome. Potential for us both to get huge payoff once the project has started (I'm currently out locally looking for investors through my contacts and other means).

I can look in other areas for this too, but I'm also looking for someone who's good with the security aspect of things. That's definitely important. I can worry about figuring a bunch of the design aspects out, as I'm looking for the programming side, but, of course, anything additional I won't count out. I know a lot of people don't realize that the time we're in is a really pivotal moment in human history where we have the capability to collaborate with people the world over to bring unique visions and insight into real-world applications, that alter how we live our lives. We can improve it, profit off of it, and help make the world a better place while doing so (I've always wanted to help people so that's a huge reason I'm determined).

Also, I'm not some 14 year old kid, I'm an adult living in Canada, and I'm looking for people as serious and determined as I am to actually become a company that prospers. I've gone through many things in my life that have caused me to see life through a really unique perspective. I've been to the edge and I have made hard choices, and while I may have experienced years of depression in my time, I have come to the realization that every time you fail you are closer to success than ever before, and sometimes if you take the opportunities that lay in front of you, there are benefits to walking through the door while it's still open.

You may be doing a boring job or a college student, or maybe even doing what you love, but like me, I'm sure you'd love to be a part of something greater, and actually influence the world as it advances in exponentially-rising technological strides. There's a lot more facets to my idea that I'm interested in discussing. Also, if you are a post-secondary student I'm still interested in collaborating, and if nothing else, it'd be great for future jobs as a portfolio piece, but I am confident that it will be much more than that, and a job you could actually make an income off once we've started.

My vision for the site is akin to a quote I remember reading in the Steve Jobs autobiography, "Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication".

Thanks to anyone who may have checked this lonesome topic out. If you're interested, message me for more details, or email me at BMCBmike[at]outlook.com