Bear with me … I’m NOT looking for a bog standard web developer.

I’ve created a startup – Fully Booked Salon – a web app that allows salon owners to market and manage their salon. The system sends out automated appointment reminders, shows reports on how the salon is performing, allows the salon owner to create SMS marketing campaigns and track their effectiveness and take bookings from the salon’s own website – all from a web browser.

Similar to many startups, we’re short on cash. The company is at the stage where the product is 80% of the way there, but there are the odd bugs and various parts of the app need tweaking if salons are to use it.
The developer who created the system is currently too busy with other projects so I’m looking for an associate. That’s someone who will receive a chunk of the company in return for their web development work. There will be legal agreements put in place to protect both parties and we’ll discuss what would be expected and what equity you would receive.

If getting involved in a startup that makes quick decisions and develops in a matter of hours sounds like something you’d be interested in, get in contact.

I’m not looking for a developer who just wants to build a few sites. Nor am I looking for someone who is happy with ‘mediocre’. I’m looking for someone with genuine passion and interest in web development. Maybe you work on other projects in your spare time. Maybe you have an interest in business or have created an app. You’re going to be entering into a business venture – if that sounds like something you’d be interested in, get in touch now.

The system is PHP and MySQL based. There’s talk about moving over to Rails but that’s a whole new topic of conversation.

The company doesn’t operate on a 9-5 (UK hours) basis mainly because both salons and bugs don’t either. The benefit to you is that you’ll be working at any location that suits you and at hours you choose. I have found many web developers are nocturnal.

The chosen person will be quick at responding to emails, ideally have had some experience (maybe working on/created their own web app), uses their initiative and thinks through a few steps ahead rather than the obvious in front of them and will be extremely passionate.
Have I put you off yet?

If not, email me: Stefan (at) with a bit of info about yourself/any projects you’ve worked on. The least we can do is talk, who knows what else will happen?