We are working on a Buddhist Encyclopedia called Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia (chinabuddhismencyclopedia.com) which consist thousand of articles relating to Buddhism topic.

In order to make good encyclopedia we need also to fill all the articles with links taking people to futher read when clicking on the word/phrase.

Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia is using mediawiki software.

And mediawiki is creating links like this example Buddha Sakyamuni and link for that would be [[Buddha Sakyamuni]].

The problem is that there is no extensions what would work perfectly on such big encyclopedia. There are some but they use way to much resources and makes the encyclopedia so slow its almost impossible to to anything.

So i need some script/program, doesn't have to be implemented into mediawiki but it would be very good if can be, but can also be some PHP or something else.

The main point it would have to work on the web environment so i can upload it and every editor can use it on the web.

Second i have created a list (in exel) with search and replace words as needed. Also it would be very nice if the source of the list can still be exel file because the list would have to be updated always. At the moment there is around 13400 words/phrases in the list. If it cant be left as exel file then it should have some easy way to add words/phrases on the list.

It MUST recognize and search/replace words like ma˝juśrīmitra containing non english characters.

Also it must replace longer search terms first. Like when there is Buddha Sakyamuni and word list contains Buddha , Sakyamuni and also Buddha Sakyamuni then it must give repalce [[Buddha Sakyamuni]] NOT [[Buddha]] [[Sakyamuni]]

Basically it would have to be find/replace based script.

Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia is volunteer project means its done for free and can be used completly free.

You can read more of our project is our main page chinabuddhismencyclopedia.com

At the moment the english version is done by two poor Buddhist who work 17hours a day on it and does not get paid so we cant afford to pay because we dont have nothing. We dont have even money for food, we live of the donations done by few who brings us food. Our goal is to make a biggest Buddhist Encyclopedia on the internet so everyone who are interested in Buddhism and learning can use it and can find everything there is to know about Buddhism. Encyclopedia user can start from laypeople and end up with educated scholars and monks, who all can find all they need in their studies and educating. It would be the complete manual for Buddhism, all you need to get good reading education in Buddhism.

And linking system is one of the foundations of the encyclopedia so when people are reading articles they can click on every word and get further explanation with out the need to start searching.

So i would appreciate when there are some Buddhist who would like to contribute to the Buddhism and do it as a donation towards creating biggest Buddhist source of information available in the internet for everyone.

So everyone who can think can help please let me know.

Thank you very much!!!

Kind regards,
Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia Administrator