Hello to all programmers,

We are currently seeking a programmer to help with the development of our current project Kraden's Crypt. At the moment we are a team of three, two artsists/level designers and one programmer.

About the game:

Kraden's Crypt is a 2d rouge-like dungeon crawler with both single player and multiplayer integration. The game's unique identity is given by having a unique style of physics based combat. Currently we have a website (we can show you upon request) which explains everything about the game including video files showing the proposed game mechanics.

The following tools we are currently using are:

Game Engine: MonoGame (C#)
Physics Engine: Farseer
Animation: Spine
Networking: Lidgren

We have already made headway and produced a foundation for the game. There are available prototypes for any interested applicants.

Some of the tasks you will likely take part in are:

- integrating the Spine animation system
- working on the Entity based game play logic
- client-server multiplayer
- master game server with logins, friends list, and player matching
- building the menu
- working on the in house dungeon editor
- integrating music and sound
- helping to port to other systems
- working on the game pad control scheme
- contributing to the game design as a member of the team

This project is profit based and the applicant will be required to work on the game on a full time basis. Currently no salary can be offered, however saying this we think this project is suitable for someone who wants the freedom to create their own ideas.

If you think you fall into these categories and are looking for a project with passionate team members who want to make a great game independently, Please contact contact me, my details are provided on my account.

Thank you for your time,

Peter Foster