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    Question Seeking ongoing incident and small troubleshooting help

    *Not sure if in right forum category, but here it goes anyways*

    We are a team of two with strong experience with design and UX, we love this sort of work. Our work ranges from general graphic design, to designing a user friendly site flow. Although our work experience is heavy on the design side and some web work we would like to handle more interactive and advanced sites for our clients then we have done in the past.

    Ideally we would have someone that can handle web development that's beyond our capability. Common jobs would be custom theme development, help resolving plugin and extension conflicts, and general website troubleshooting. Our platform of choice is Wordpress, Concrete5, and some Joomla.

    There's a lot of freelance web developers out there but there are some problems that arise with solo web developer... One is handling workflow and having an expected turnaround time. What is a developer gets that sweet job that takes up most of their time for a couple of days, or even weeks. Without having someone that can handle various workflows it's hard for us to put ourselves out there knowing that we might not be able to meet reasonable deadlines for our clients. Worse yet what if that freelancer disappears on us? We'de have to find and build that relationship from scratch again with someone else and that takes time.

    The other approach is working with a small web development company that can handle various workflows. The idea is that a company is established and in it for the long run. More stable and can handle various workloads. The trouble is all we keep running into are companies that work with larger projects only it seems. $500-$1000 just to start. This isn't a problem when there are projects that need that much work, and sometimes there are. But then there's times where you just need someone to help troubleshoot small glitches, or just small customization that may take 20-30 minutes. Most or our needs would require 30-60 minutes, some might take an hour or two, and every once in a while we would need help managing a project so then it seems reasonable to spend a couple hundred dollars for the help. We're looking for the best of both worlds I guess.

    Ideally we would have a connection with a small company that could handle various projects but also provide help with small troubleshooting.

    Do such companies exist How do you find them? Any insight or advice would be helpful. Like I said all we've been running into is companies that work with projects starting off at $500 or more, but don't really offer small incident help. Maybe there's something I am not aware of when it comes to this dynamic. Looking for advice, or if you're a small company that can help please reply.

    Should mention we have some experience with web development so we're not totally ignorant when discussing web dev jobs and tasks. I think this will be helpful when working together
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    Hi R08.
    You both might have already been so busy with design requests/ projects, and probably have no more time left for outsourcing management The downsides in hiring either a freelance person or a company - I think - are just there as risks, and are unavoidable, right? When a risk gets bigger or multiplied, they would eventually become "routines" and well, maybe it's just the right time for either of you to take charge and just focus on these

    Maybe there has been an outsource management tool out there that could help, or can this just be SWOT-ed? Sorry but I couldn't help much in business development area. I've been somewhere in web development (or design?) for a few years. Not the large part though, but just on the more traditional bits: XHTML, CSS, javascript, image processing, PHP, mySQL, etc etc... but no flash, no CMS (this is important ), and no mobile native apps.

    Warm regards,

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