Looking for Hobbyists for a thought-induced Project
Quick note, if anything is wrong in here please feel free to correct me notes or comments or the social links below.

MindMeep. Thatís what it is. The project that is. Itís the name of the project and itís the project itself. Itís a collaboration project of multiple projects all into one meep of a site. Itís random. Itís weird. And itís great.

But what is it? I envision it as a portfolio of a kind. Where a group of people could join in and literally do anything with it. A personal blog, a following of a project, a host of code, a area of tutorials. Itís random. Itís meep. Itís not like anyone could join in and spam past any filters, itís more like a group is created where that group posts there. Like a site you yourself might have but in this case you get to work with delightful people and partake into it.

Itís like that awesome skype chat you have with a bunch of people, except better. That skype chat is only a chat and this is somewhere where you could contact someone part of the group and do a collaboration and show the result off right here. Itís like that programming team your part of, but itís more than just programming. The programming team your part off probably doesnít have you two working on a blog post or messing around with a video game and uploading it. This does.

So why am I here?

Hey manÖ letís be a team. Iíll give the idea and talk to you for one minute and you can program the entire site for an hour. Letís also split profits, you get .5% and I get 100% Ö the .5% is the taxes tho, but itís fine manÖ

That is not the goal at all. Iím searching for people whoíve wanted this sort of thing and have some various programming skill. I AM A PROGRAMMER MYSELF. I WILL BE WORKING AS MUCH AS YOU ARE OR MORE.
CSS / Web Design. Someone I greatly desire and Iíll definitely be working with you.

Meteor programmer. Alright. Iím this role but always better to have more.

Jquery / Ajax. I can handle this role but Iím not as quick and efficient as you might be.

Artist. Interesting role and multiple people should take it. Itís paper.js, itís a png, itís anything really. Itís a really fun one which Iíll definitely partake in as well.

Content Provider. Okay this is a group. If you're honestly interested in something like this, youíll probably be a content provider.

Throw a comment,
a email, (max@podolski.org)
a skype, (sumaximum)
And thatís it for now.