Hi I am a college student and would like to interview a system administrator for my class project. You can be an administrator(currently working/formerly employed) for areas such as: networking, linux, server, windows, mac, web, etc. as long as its IT-related. You get the idea.

These are 4 questions you'll have to answer. Very open-ended questions.

- - -
Give us the name of the person you interviewed and the company he/she works

Find out what his/her responsibilities are for their company.

Advancement potential?

If he/she were to do it all over again, would he/she still pursue the same field?
Why or why not

- - -

Please send your response to my PM.

Deadline is by 11.21.13 11:59 PM. $7 paypal/giftcard compensation for up to 2 people.

One thing that worries me if I get a lot of responses, I can't afford to compensate everyone (I can only compensate two people). So don't spend too much time on answering the questions.

So first come, first serve I guess. Oh Happy Early Thanksgiving.

You can also find me on lolking and planetside2, tardigade is my ign.