I'm trying to set up a World of Warcraft private server and I need a C++ developper.

My goal with this server is to adapt the concept/features I wrote on paper (for a real MMORPG), to World of Warcraft.

Why not making your own game then ?

I would if my father was Blizzard's BOSS, but that's not the case so why not using WOW to tweak all the ideas even if it's only a sample of the real game design document ? WOW private servers are now easier to set up and still many players which are really not prepared for what I want to do, so that's a really interesting thing to try to "convert" them to this new way of playing WOW (and MMORPGs). Permanent death scares most players and I know that.

So what's this new thing you want to bring to WOW ?

It's the permanent death aspect. Yes, it cannot work with WOW if we don't modify many in depth aspects but it's possible, just need some server side (emulator) edits, some database balance and that would be almost done :P

The "job" :

Most of the work will consist in removing unneeded features which limit the player's freedom, and edit others.

Few features :

Some more infos to show it's not about one idea only, but many.
It also shows how it differs from official WOW and may give an idea of the difficulty of the work, but it's a sample :

1) Horde and Alliance speak all the same language and they can speak in the general chat altogether. They also can group together and run instances (but instances are really not important).
By the way, there is no factions for players, they can kill each other at any time, beware the betrayals.

2) No Battlegrounds at all, no Arenas, it kills world PvP and it's boring as hell. Also it kills the whole concept. You won't be able to train yourself in those BG but you may find other ways to.

3) You have only 1 life and everybody can loot your corpse, steal ALL your gold and ALL your stuff you have on yourself. Dying means you'll also lose special recipes you learnt for example.

4) There are no battlegrounds, no flying mounts, no arenas, only WORLD PVP.

5) PVP titles would mean much more in this kind of game, it means you are really dangerous.

6) No real safe places (will work on the guards, the zones and the fact you can hide in an instance). Someone insulted you ? kill him.

Conclusion :

If you're intrigued but feel like it's going to be a huge task, then contact me and we'll talk about it (because this message is vague and you may misevaluate the amount of work I require). If you never went into WOW emulation but are still interested, let's discuss too.

PM me on this forum if you want more information about the project, or about me (why posting here for example :P).
My email address : barbzflo@gmx.com
I also can use Skype if you prefer, ask in email.

PS : Please don't use this thread to speak about "permanent death in MMORPGs" as it tends to become conflicting each time.