Looking for experienced PHP/Javascript coder interested in creating/partnering in a new big data start-up. The start-up is focused around visualizing and mining big data.

Currently, I've written the engine in C++ for performance and as such it is extremely fast and state-of-the-art. The downside is it is hard to use, especially for users with little knowledge.

The goal is to call this code using PHP/Javascript/Your-choice and display/visualize the information returned. In essence, to create a web front-end that calls the fast C++ library and returns the result to the user.

As such, looking for an extremely experienced programmer to help out with the web programming side of this project. I will also be able to help in the design side and eventually the server-side web programming as well. Once a prototype is developed (which shouldn't take too long, considering most of the engine is complete), there are plans to show it to potential investors, etc. If interested or have questions, feel free to message me.