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    How to copyright/patent softwere?


    Before I ask my question I need to state that Im not a programmer, I understand computers pretty well, but I dont know any programing language.

    I have an idea about a soft, which would run mainly on windows and the core of it would be some kind of video editor like Sony Vegas or Premier Pro.
    I want to hire a programing team to make it, but before, I have two questions.

    1, How can I tell any team or programer the idea and make sure that he wont steal it? Lets say sign with them/him a Confidential Agreement, how can I be sure that he wont tell a friend of his and that person will make it? What other things can I make to be sure that they dont steal it?

    2, This is more important; if the program is ready or at least it has a beta how can I copyright/patent it?
    -Which is better and how time it takes each?
    -Do I need to copyright/patent in every country? Or if I patent it in any UE country it will be copyrighted/patented all around the world?

    Thank you!
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    1: If you hire him, let him sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement) as part of his contract. Do not pick one from the internet, many are not enforcable, so let a lawyer write one. This isn't all that expensive, and NDA's are pretty standard when you're hiring developers for exactly this reason.

    I do not really know enough about your second question to give a good answer, but prolly somebody else here knows

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